Saturday, 1 November 2014

Postcards & Coffee

One of the things I always like to do when I'm in a city I've never been before, is drinking coffee in a cute little cafe. Last week I've been to Leiden for the first time (about 55 km away from Amsterdam) with my dad he's girlfriend and my younger sister. We went to a cafe called 'Francobolli' which means 'stamp' in Italy.
The thing that makes this little cafe special, is that you can choose a postcard when you buy coffee. They will send your postcard on the date you like. For example you want to write a card for your friends birthday, but her birthday is next month. Then they place your card at the right date on the big calendar on the wall as you can see on the photo below and above.
I love this concept! Nowadays we can send messages so easily to somebody with our smartphones. Which is great! But sometimes we forget how special it can be to get a postcard and how much fun it is to write and send it to someone!

This is the card that I choose. It says "There you have a point". Which I thought was really funny (I have really dry humour). But it also reminded me of my friend Jeff because I once said "you don't get my point" (in a funny way) and now he always makes jokes about it. So I sent this card to him with the text "do you get my point now?".

The latte macchiato and the carrot cupcake that I got was so good ♥︎

Do you still send postcards?



  1. That looks like such a cute little place. I used to send postcards everytime I went on holiday, wish I still did! xo

  2. I send postcards to only some friends and my old aunt, because she really likes to :)
    Nice blog you have!

    Love, Felicia

  3. What an amazingly cute concept <3 I would love to visit a place like this! And you can write out your postcard while eating and drinking ahhhhh <3

    Rosegold Fox

  4. What a cute idea! I love sending and receiving postcards, I feel it's something not very many people do anymore.

  5. what a cool idea! looks like a lovely place

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

  6. Such a cute place!

  7. This is a really great idea about the post cards! I love receiving cards in the mail from friends. What a wonderful cafe you found :)

  8. Hele leuke kaarten en mooie foto's :) xx

  9. This caffee looks so nice and I love their idea of postcards. Great post and the pictures you took are so good. I don't send any postcards anymore but bringing this topic up I think it's really nice to do this and it's much more original than sending a text message.


    1. Yes it is more original and you can make people so happy by just sending them a postcard. My friend Jeff really liked the card I've sent to him. I think I should send postcards more often.
      And Thankyou ^^

  10. Great post! Love the Caffee, looks really cozy. c:

  11. Heh I love the cafe and the postcard you picked! Also really appeals to my sense of humour. I always send some postcards when I head away - except most of the time I buy and write them when I'm away then post them when I get back home!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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